Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors Meeting, 2-8-10 . . . YouTube Video Part III: Citizen John Petersen

The next to take his turn to present comments was John Petersen. The audience witnessed an amazing exchange between John and Chairman Lamina and Supervisor Kampf.  John attempted to ask questions of the supervisors but was quickly interupted by Lamina and Kampf.  It was obvious that they had come to the meeting prepared to ‘take John on’ .  It appeared to me that Lamina and Kampf were not about to let John make his comments without intervention.  Although John tried to ‘plow’ on through, at one point Lamina is heard to say that John would not be allowed to speak again.  The behaviour of these 2 elected officials calls in to question a citizens right to freedom of speech. 

The interchange between John and Lamina and Kampf is one that all residents need to watch; YouTube video clip, Part III: Citizen John Petersen