Local Nonprofit Organization has Apartment For Rent in Historic Revolutionary General’s House

General DuPortail House

Do you know someone who would enjoy the unique experience of living in a Revolutionary War General’s headquarters? I serve on the Board of Directors for  historic DuPortail House in Chesterbrook and the home’s 2-BR apartment is now available for rent.  I’m sure that most people don’t realize that there is a rental apartment, located on the 2nd floor of the 270-yr. old stone farmhouse.  The DuPortail House property also contains a rental cottage on the grounds (the cottage is currently leased). Up until a few weeks ago, the house apartment was rented by a lovely young professional but unfortunately Rachel’s company went through an acquistion, she lost her job and was forced in to moving to her parents home. 

The DuPortail House board is now trying to find a new tenant; below is the Craigslist posting for this wonderful historic apartment.  For information or to see the apartment, please contact me at pattye@greatvalleyhouse.com .

Apartment has two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen and living room on second floor of historic DuPortail House in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County. Includes a room A/C and washer and dryer in basement. Rent is $1100 per month, including untilities. Close to shopping and Route 202. Located in lovely park setting in Chesterbrook. Quiet small pet permitted with additional security deposit.

DuPortail House and the Federal Barn in Chesterbrook are both on the National Register of Historic Places.  DuPortail House is available to rent for weddings, receptions, corporate meetings, etc.  There are ongoing maintenance costs in the preservation of this historic landmark property and our nonprofit board struggles to meet these financial demands.  The rental of the house, the cottage and the apartment are required just to meet the monthly costs of the house and grounds.  We can not afford to have the apartment vacant – please, if you know someone who may be interested, I ask you to pass the information along.  If you want details of renting the house for a meeting or special event, contact Event Cordinator Kate Frey, 610.644.4840 or visit the website.

Celebrating Earth Day 2009 today – How Can We Each Make a Difference?

Individually we may not be able to reduce global warming, end pollution or save an endangered species, but there are simple ways we can help protect the environment and save Planet Earth. As a citizen, we can make wise choices about how we live, and the amount of energy and natural resources we consume. It is important that our local government and its leaders continue to look for ways to improve and protect our environment. Each of us living in Tredyffrin Township can make some simple changes that can make a difference. As a Board of Supervisor candidate, I support protecting our local natural resources and preserving our open space. I would like to see a community recycle program put in to place and would encourage Tredyffrin’s participation in ‘Recycle Bank’, http://www.recyclebank.com/ This program would take local government support and participation but all the township residents would benefit through reward programs (as an additional incentive) to recycle. Here are some of my suggestions and ways that my husband and I have made simple changes in our home:
1. Drive less. By leaving our car at home we reduce air pollution, improve our health and save money. Walk or ride a bicycle for short trips, or try using public transportation more often.
2. Use reusable shopping bags. It takes a lot of natural resources to produce plastic bags and these bags end up as litter that clogs waterways, adds negatively to the landscape and may be harmful to marine mammals. Reusable bags are made of materials that don’t harm the environment, and do not need to be discarded after each use.
3. Change our light bulbs. We have found that compact florescent bulbs are more energy efficient and less expensive to use than the traditional bulbs. They are safer to operate and can reduce energy costs. The initial cost may be higher but the return on investment is quickly recovered.
4. Pay bills online. By paying our bills online, we can save time and money, lower the administrative costs of companies that you do business with and reduce global warming by saving trees. Online billing also cuts down on the amount of paper that gets delivered to the mailbox each day.

Lifelong Independent to run for At-Large Board of Supervisor Seat

As a lifelong Independent, who truly believes that people should vote for the best person not the party, I am also a realist.

Tredyffrin Township has long been governed by the local GOP with two noteable exceptions, Paul Drucker and Mark DiFeliciantonio. Having won the highly contested State House 157 election in 2008, Paul took office this past January. Mark has decided not to seek re-election for his At-Large Board of Supervisor seat. With Paul serving at the State House level and Mark not seeking re-election, there will once again be only one party in place in Tredyffrin Township. This brings us up to the present and my decision.

I believe that all voices of this community need to be heard. For the local government to represent the community, we need more than one political party voice. Recognizing that the Tredyffrin Democrats share my vision for a new beginning in Tredyffrin Township, I have enthusiastically agreed to represent them in this campaign.