A Letter of Thanks

Letters to the EditorAppearing in the Main Line Suburban Life today is a Letter to the Editor from me in which I thank all those who helped me during the election cycle.  I am still in the reflection period of post-election but the clouds are starting to lift — it is good to feel like I’m coming out on the other side.

Main Line Suburban – Candidate’s Letters to the Editors

In today’s Main Line Suburban newspaper, editor Tom Murray gave each of the Tredyffrin supervisor candidates and T/E School Board candidates an opportunity to write about their campaigns, the upcoming Election Day, why they are qualified, etc. 
Letters to the EditorTo be part of this community and have your voice count, starts with your ‘vote’ on Election Day. I want all registered voters to come out and vote this Tuesday, November 3.  Pick up a copy of the paper to read about the candidates or click on this link and it will take you to the newspaper’s online edition of Candidate’s Letters to the Editors.  Tredyffrin Township, like much of this country, is facing uncertain economic times.  This election is important.  We need to elect the most qualified people to represent our community; we cannot afford to have ‘learn on the job’ supervisors on the Board of Supervisors.  With 3 available supervisor seats, and no incumbents, it is important that we be informed voters.

Main Liners Sound Off on Upcoming Election

 Letters to the EditorMain Line Suburban Life newspaper’s Editorial section included Letters to the Editor from community members offering opinions on Tredyffrin Township’s school board and township candidates. Please read the Letters to the Editor