Update: This is the last Community Matters post on pattyebenson.wordpress.com

This is the last Community Matters post on https://pattyebenson.wordpress.com .  Although this website will remain up for another week, there will be no new posts and I will not upload comments to this site. 

You are now directed to visit Community Matters at www.pattyebenson.org. Basically, the Community Matters wordpress blog has been duplicated and will be independently hosted going forward.  There is now a save/share button which will allow Community Matters to have a wider audience.  There are a few quirks that we are still working on — one sticking point is the ‘Sign-Up to Follow Community Matters’.  I will not be able to transfer those of you who follow Community Matters with automatic notices via email.  I can not take your email sign-ups and simply transfer them.  Unfortunately, you will have to re-enter your email addresses on the new site.  We are working to add the ‘Sign-Up’ capability as quickly as possible but as of now, it has not been activated.  I would suggest that you visit Community Matters daily at www.pattyebenson.org and look for the link . . . it will be located in the upper right corner once configured.  Sorry for the inconvenience but there does not seem anyway around it — we hope to have the subscriber link up and running in the next day or so.

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we complete the transition.

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