Chester County Democrat and Republican Nominating Conventions Being Held Today . . . Who Will Face Paul Drucker in the State House Race?

The Chester County Democrat Committee Nominating Convention is being held today in West Chester, 10 AM – 1 PM.  Petitions will be signed for senate, congressional, gubernatorial and legislative candidates. 

Also today is the endorsement process for the Chester County Republican Committee. The outcome of today’s vote will determine if there is a primary for the Republicans in the State House 157 race.  The was a straw poll held a couple of weeks ago between Warren Kampf, Judy DiFilippo and Ken Buckwalter.  As a result of the straw poll, Judy made the decision to leave the race, leaving committee people today to make a choice between Kampf and Buckwalter.  Although the outcome of the straw poll has historically given good indication of who will get the GOP endorsement, the results are unofficial and nonbinding. It will be curious to see if Kampf, the frontrunner after the straw poll receives the GOP endorsement or if Phoenixville resident Buckwalter receives it.  If a 60-40 margin is not reached among committee people, there will be no endorsement.  The next question will be whether the committee people decide to recommend one (or both) of the candidates.  If one of the candidates doesn’t receive an endorsement or recommendation, it would appear unlikely that the candidate would remain in the race.

Paul Drucker (D), the incumbent State House 157 Representative kicked off his reelection campaign this week with the opening of his Paoli Campaign office. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of this community over the past year, and I am proud of my work on issues important to residents here, from our successful efforts to increase education funding to progress on job creation and transportation, as well as the urgent need for reform in Harrisburg,” Drucker said. “While we have done some very good things together, there is much more to be done to make Harrisburg reflect the priorities of the people, and that is why I will ask the voters to give me the opportunity to continue to serve them.”

The Chester County Democrat and Republican committee process is important today for Tredyffrin residents.  By the end of the day we will know the opponent(s) for Paul Drucker in the State House 157 legislative race.  Just so everyone understands, the 157th legislative district encompasses Tredyffrin. Schuylkill, Phoenixville, and in Montgomery County – 4 precincts in Lower Providence and 1 precinct in West Norriton

Will the May Primary have both Warren Kampf and Ken Buckwalter on the ballot?  Will one of them be endorsed by the Republican Committee?  Look for an announcement later today; as soon as I know something, I will post.

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  1. Pattye

    The 157th legislative district encompasses Tredyffrin. Schuylkill, Phoenixville, and in Montgomery County – 4 precincts in Lower Providence and 1 precinct in West Norriton.

  2. in addition, we find out today if john petersen’s plan to influence the TTRC endorsement outcome with his lawsuit threat will bring about the result he is hoping for.

    • See latest post — no endorsement in the 157. Kampf will be in the primary with Ken Buckwalter.

    • I have to comment here, although I planned not to.

      The suit has NOTHING to do with the 157th. If there was any influence, it was on the part of the actors themselves. I think it is safe to conclude that the St. David’s issue was at least, a factor in Kampf not getting the endorsement. However, there are other issues such as the fire funding fiasco and the previous two years of his position as chair of the BOS.

      That said, if you want to lay the results of the 157th endorsement at my doorstep, so be it. But in doing so, you are giving me WAY too much credit.

      • john says “The suit has NOTHING to do with the 157th”

        you are giving yourself WAY too much credit if you think that there is any truth to that statement.

        • If your insinuation is that I prepared the suit so that Kampf did not get the 157th endorsement, you would be wrong. The St. David’s issue did him in. My suit deals with the BOS. Indeed, Kampf is a member of the BOS – and was seeking the 157th. endorsement…Regardless of whether my suit existed, I believe today’s turn of events would be the same.

          To that, all I can say is welcome to governing and campaigning.

          I don’t allow poor judgments of others to drive what I do.

          The timing of the suit was geared toward the Monday meeting. After all, I want them to reverse the decision.

          If you think I engineered what happened today, again, I’ll say that you are giving me too much credit. The GOP committee people make up their own mind. The St. David’s issue is a classic case of res ipsa loqutur (the thing speaks for itself).

          The citizens won today. We get a chance to decide who represents the GOP in the fall.

  3. For my two cents, I agree with John here. If anything, the TTRC might have stood behind Warren if they were influenced by JP’s threat of a suit. People are typically emotional and not strategic. The general impression the TTRC leaves with us all is “so there — we didn’t run him off.”

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