Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors Meeting, 2-8-10 . . . YouTube Video Part VI: Final Citizen Comments, Loss of Trust in Elected Officials

This last video clip of the February 8 Board of Supervisors meeting is important to watch.  Many more residents speak including Lou Erdelan, Marie Thibault and Carol Clarke.  What is striking in this part of the meeting is that many residents are now speaking to an overriding concern . . . the loss of trust in our elected officials.  Pay close attention to Lou’s remarks, he says that he has worked on committees with Warren (Supervisor Kampf) and that he thought he could trust him. 

There is a sadness when you have people who represent organizations, committees, groups, standing up and questioning the actions of our elected officials.  What happens to a community when the residents don’t feel that their elected officials can be trusted? 

Folks, the clock is ticking on this situation and we need resolution and answers which we did not receive at the last supervisors meeting.  In my opinion, Supervisors Lamina, Olson, Kampf and Richter have one more chance to correct the trust issue and that will happen at the February 22 Board of Supervisors Meeting.  Here’s hoping that they find the courage to do what is right.

To watch the final video clip: YouTube Video Part VI: Final Remarks, Loss of Trust in Elected Officials

4 Responses

  1. I keep wondering why LOK choose to exempt St. David’s from their obligation in such a way? Knowingly going against policy and procedure, the opinions of the various boards and committees and desires of the majority of the citizens of Tredyffrin?
    Couldn’t they have just continued to ignore the fact that St. David’s was in violation of their Land Development Agreement?

    Was it just a power play? Look at us, we can do whatever we like and you peons just have to live with it? I imagine they might even be enjoying our distress over all this and our inability to do anything about it. Just picture Olson…leaning back in his chair with that smug look on his face…

    We’ve tried to reason with them, that didn’t work. We have no legal recourse, no hope of justice. Do we just sit around waiting for their downfall?

    What about amending our Home Rule Charter to include a citizens “Bill of RIghts”?

    See below the efforts of the citizens in Cheltenham Township:

    “The Cheltenham Home Rule Charter Referendum is a ballot measure that may appear on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania.[1]
    A citizen-organized group, called We the People of Cheltenham, is backing a measure that would amend the Home Rule Charter and give residents a community bill of rights. According to the group, the the rights would include a local self government and the right to have a final authority over issues affecting their community. Also included on the proposed bill of rights is that corporations submit proposed development plans to residents for a public vote. The petition will only have the month of July to collect 2,600 signatures in order for a referendum to be approved and sent to the November ballot. One reason the issue is being raised is because residents are concerned they are not being heard by Township Officials.”

  2. Christine — I sadly concur with your speculation — I do think that it was just a power play — an affirmation that we are nothing but peons. There really is no other answer. The 3 semi-apologies all reluctantly say that they should have tabled the motion — but when asked why they didn’t, do not care to. EJ’s answer — that she had done research and talked to O’Leary and Whalen is a whole lot of nothing — seriously– because Michele’s concerns were not addressed in any way by her voting AYE without comment that night. Paul Olson made this decision — Bob Lamina is a wannabe leader, Kampf needs their support — and EJ owed them. Paul’s campaign was to get rid of these sidewalk to no where plans…and before he went on an extended trip to Hawaii (proving he’s not a struggling taxpayer), he freed a private golf club from a letter of credit “burden” and the obligation to someday build a sidewalk. It’s criminal — but as long as we all just talk and no one files a complaint in some legal fashion, we ARE peons.

  3. One thing is for sure, Kampf and Lamina haven’t a clue about the power of social media. A good lesson is to check out Kevin Smith’s tweets (Kevin is also known as Silent Bob). Kevin also wrote and directed the movie Clerks. (warning, there is some tough language in the tweets).

    The point is that social media can be unforgiving. And for Southwest Airlines, they found out the hard way. Politicians are finally figuring this out as well. Sure, many of them get on Facebook, Twitter, etc. That however, does not mean they really get it.

    Looking at Kampf, he is no longer in control of his online image. Between the blogs, youtube, etc – the die has been cast. His team is still living in the 1990’s when direct mail was king. Mailers are quickly going the way of the scrap heap. The key is social media and targeted communications. Indeed, regular mail is a component of that. However, that is not the chief component of a successful candidate. The keys are in the data – data that I know Kampf and his team does not have nor would they know what to do with it if they had the data…

    For example…looking to the 2006 primary – which is probably the best one to look at since it is the most recent non-presidential even year primary. In that year, looking just at Tredyffrin in 2006, 2732 people voted in that primary. 1030 in the west, 689 in the east and 1013 in the middle. The fact that the west pulled just about even with the middle tells you that perhaps, the middle might not be as influential as some may believe. The east #’s are pathetic.

    The average age of the GOP voters is about 65 years old. Demographically speaking, these folks were in their mid 20’s by the end of the 60’s. They grew up at time when many in their age bracket didn’t trust anybody over 30. These are folks who are retiring and are tired of an inefficient government that keeps hitting them up with property tax increases (BOS and the School District).

    I believe there are 1367 votes in Tredyffrin for Ken. That averages out to 80 per polling place. I guarantee a grass roots effort could be put together for folks to find 100 votes per polling place for Ken.

    I know who these 2732 folks are that voted in the 2006 primary. And of them, I know who the 644 of them that also voted in the 2008 primary. And yes, I know who the 374 are that voted in the 2008 primary that DID NOT vote in the 2006 primary.

    Keep in mind, I’m only talking about Tredyffrin here… Phoenixville is another story…to be told later…

    By the way, this data is also useful if you want to take out some committee people.

  4. Pattye,

    Many thanks to you and your husband for posting the pertinent portions of the BoS meeting on YouTube, as I was away from the area on 2/8 & have been unable to see a rebroadcast. I hope to watch the replay tonight (Mon 2/15).

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