Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors Meeting, 2-8-10 . . . YouTube Video Part III: Citizen John Petersen

The next to take his turn to present comments was John Petersen. The audience witnessed an amazing exchange between John and Chairman Lamina and Supervisor Kampf.  John attempted to ask questions of the supervisors but was quickly interupted by Lamina and Kampf.  It was obvious that they had come to the meeting prepared to ‘take John on’ .  It appeared to me that Lamina and Kampf were not about to let John make his comments without intervention.  Although John tried to ‘plow’ on through, at one point Lamina is heard to say that John would not be allowed to speak again.  The behaviour of these 2 elected officials calls in to question a citizens right to freedom of speech. 

The interchange between John and Lamina and Kampf is one that all residents need to watch; YouTube video clip, Part III: Citizen John Petersen

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  1. It’s actually a bit painful at times to watch because you see what’s happening to our government.

    It’s also clear I need to go on a diet!! :)

    At 2:00 in, you get to what set the whole thing off. I asked about the legality of the deal. Per Tom Hogan, it appears that issue was discussed with him. Technically, I was asking what a supervisor thought. I was not asking about specific conversations. I accepted Tom’s answer and was not going to argue the point.

    At 2:45, I asked Kampf about Michelle Kichline’s analysis – which was clearly not the subject of attorney client privilege. As we all know, Kampf admitted to hear and understand the question – but didn’t think it was appropriate to answer the question. That’s pretty bad when a public official does not think it is appropriate to answer a citizen question. For sure, I have been a vocal critic of Kampf over the past two years.

    I guess what guys like Lamina and Kampf are saying is that if you disagree with them and are vocal about it, you don’t deserve to have your questions answered.

    Again, I go back to the fact that Kampf wants to go to the state house. Instead of answering a tough question from a citizen, reporter or fellow rep, would he choose a similar tact? It seems to me we saw a pretty good indicator of what a Kampf-occupied 157th state house seat would be like. I know as a citizen, I would not get a fair shake from him. Chances are good that if you disagreed with him on the St. David’s matter, you wouldn’t get one either. This is what I mean about these acts being a form of prior restraint. Kampf’s and Lamina’s actions could have a chilling effect on free speech rights.

    If Lamina and Kampf were truly sorry for what they did, they would not have attacked me for simply asking questions and expressing an opinion.

    Thanks again to Pattye for posting the 2/8 meeting. And thanks to all the folks that asked the board questions.

  2. John
    I just watched this — and want to thank you for trying to take this on — I do think you made your point abundantly clear. But I also hope (I sound like a mother here) that you learned a lesson about putting things in writing that you don’t want printed out and referenced. Your “F” blog and some of your personal attacks on this board only serve to diminish your value. Make your points — but when you are venting, be sure and avoid the “submit comment” part of the rant. Your mind is too valuable and your analysis too insightful to be dismissed because sometimes your temper makes you seem crazy — and sound bites are all that the voting majority care about. Kampf knows that — and that’s why he took you on. Having you walk up to confirm your “F” comments was his moment of domination — however pathetic to those of us watching. Ultimately, absent someone watching the video, Lamina and Kampf didn’t answer the question….so they used your “profanity” to avoid a response. Something to ponder. Never carry a weapon — your enemy can grab it and shoot you. Just carry information — your enemy doesn’t want that to see the light of day.

    • Love this quote —
      Never carry a weapon — your enemy can grab it and shoot you. Just carry information — your enemy doesn’t want that to see the light of day.

    • Thanks for the comments…

      Ultimately, they didn’t answer the question. Deflect as they might, they will be judged accordingly.

      If you thought the 2/8 meeting was lively, stay tuned for the 22nd!

  3. Unfortunately John, “no answer” is not a sound bite…memories are short in regards to silence…no one will quote Warren as saying nothing….
    Don’t make it lively — make it cogent.


    Just posted Main Line Suburban article “Poll: Tredyffrin man leads for 157th seat”

  5. John
    Be careful — as your legitimacy lies in information — not in personally looking to take out Warren. He may be over his head and not worthy of going forward, but I don’t think he’s nearly the shark or the old boy that L&O are…he doesn’t need sympathy to add to his quiver.

  6. This article was in the Daily Local last week (before Kampf’s performance at the last Board of Supervisor meeting). This Saturday the Republican Committee will decide whether they give Kampf their endorsement. Let’s hope that the Republicans have been watching what is going on in Tredyffrin and make their choice accordingly.

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