Does Age and Respect Guide Our Decisions?

There have been many comments posted over the last few days in regards to TTRC Chair CT Alexander’s Letter to the Editor in this week’s local newspaper.  The letter, its words and Mr. Alexander’s behavior over the last few weeks have caused much discussion.  At times, Mr. Alexander seemingly acts on behalf of the organization he heads but at other times, much to the chagrin of some of his members, he acts on his own (but under the umbrella of the local Republican Committee). 

I found the following comment from someone close to Mr. Alexander very interesting and it got me thinking.  I grew up in an era that expected (and demanded) respect from any of those who were older.  I never called my parents’ friends by their first name, but instead they all became ‘Aunt’ or ’Uncle’ (I was probably at least 12 before I realized that these people were not actually blood relatives!)  Growing up, there was unquestioning respect for police officers, teachers, and clergy.  In fact, when my brothers and I started school, my folks never questioned the decisions of the teacher or principal . . . the school was always right, and us kids were wrong, no matter what.  Although times have certainly changed, I do think your childhood very much determines who you are and how you live your life.  For me, that surfaces in the respect that I still have for those who are older. I often make excuses for their behavior, at times much more forgiving of attitudes and remarks than I would ever be from my peers. 

Do you agree with Anonymous remarks concerning Mr. Alexander’s behavior?  Should someone that is close to him just step in and take over?  Or did they grow up in a world that demanded respect for their elders and therefore, there can be no intervention?
Do you filter your own criticisms if the person is older? 
 Does it make a difference if the older person represents a group?  

Anonymous, on January 17th, 2010

Jim and John
I have known John Alexander probably longer then both of you. In watching his behavoir lately, I hope you never get old. It is clear he is losing his faculties and out of respect no one around him is doing anything about it. As a life long republican I think that it may be time to let him go enjoy retirement and let someone else lead the charge before he totally ruins the reputation of the committee. He’s a good guy at heart but he is doing the party damage.

What I can’t understand is why those close to him aren’t looking out for him and checking these confused rants of his before they get out. That I think is a worse indicator of what’s going on internally. You wouldn’t let a drunk get behind the wheel… would you?

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  1. I watched the December Board of Supervisor meeting, have read the various letter to the editors, and have read comments from your readers. I understand what you are saying. I am probably about the same age as you are. I have elderly parents who become more opinionated as the years go on and some of their ideas are from years ago but yet they continue to think the same way. As much as I may disagree with them, I find that out of respect, I will not argue. I have always been a Republican but I am disturbed by our local party’s representation. I think that people around C.T. just don’t know what to do.

  2. I agree with Tredyffrin Republican’s last 2 sentences 100% and also the comment from Jim & John. This isn’t a recent thing with C.T., it’s been going on for quite some time. I hope the committee will diplomatically ask him to step down.

  3. Disappointed republican, please don’t put me into any group calling for CT’s removal as head of TTRC. In the short time I have been part of the TTRC, I have been impressed with C.T.’s ability to organize and run a group that helped deliver a positive result last election day. I think Pattye answers her own question about respecting elders in the way she frames this post. I see this post as simply nothing more then a not so veiled attempt to put C.T in a negative light and show fricition within the TTRC.

    • Jim…

      You have got to be the biggest Kool-Aid drinking member of the TTRC I have ever seen…since EJ Richter… You have been impressed with CT??? I get it, as a new committee member, you are trying to make your bones with the likes of CT, Ed Sweeney, Peggy Layden, Bruce Parkinson, etc.

      All I can say is that your bar is set pretty low. Oh wait, you think EJ is more than qualified to serve on the BOS… Yep, your bar is pretty low.

      You do realize that roughly half the people in the TTRC would be happy to CT out of the picture…

      If any body put CT in a negative light, it is CT – with help from Warren.

      You are attempting to improperly claim victim status here. It doesn’t wash.

      Be careful which side you pick… One thing you will learn if you stay a committee member is that the successful ones stay quiet. They tend to keep their powder dry and shy away from public comments. Clearly, that is a lesson you have not learned.

  4. Good dialog…

    There is one person that could get CT to step down. That person is Warren Kampf. Warren is probably closer to CT than anyone else on the committee. Warren has a lot at stake. Reports are, Warren has brought CT into his campaign. If Warren makes it out of the primary, Paul Drucker’s people are going to have a field day taking Warren apart because CT’s comments can and will be linked to Warren. At a certain level, this is all Warren’s fault because he could have stopped all of this from happening. Instead, Warren orchestrated the fire funding political theatre at the 12/21 meeting. Warren knew that CT was going to come to the microphone.

    In my opinion, age is irrelevant. If your actions and comments damage your organization, and you are the leader of that organization, you should step down. Age really does not matter. And in this case, it may very well be that an elderly man in CT is being manipulated by a younger man in Warren. Warren’s run for the 157th. has fueled much of what we have seen over the past few months. If there is a real villain here, it is probably Warren…

  5. You Reap What You Sow. Next topic.

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