Just in . . . Gerlach Withdraws from Governor’s Race

Did you hear that Republican US Rep Jim Gerlach is withdrawing from the PA governor’s race?

In a statement, Rep Gerlach, said “I entered the race for governor in order to continue my public service, put forth new ideas for creating jobs, protecting our taxpayers, families and seniors, and reinvigorating the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania that we all love so much.”

In leaving the governor’s race, Rep Gerlach did not say immediately whether he would now be a candidate for re-election as congressman from the 6th US House District. When he decided to run for governor, he originally said that he would give up that job he has held for 7 years.

Although Rep Gerlach had successfully raised over $1 million to date, he did not think he had enough campaign cash to continue. His feeling was that a successful primary would cost at least $4 million! Rep Gerlach figured that he had 2 choices – (1) he could spent all his time fundraising over the next 4 months until the primary or (2) withdraw from the race and work even harder for the people of his district.

I’m still stuck on the $4 million estimated price tag for a primary governor’s race in Pennsylvania . . . wow!

2 Responses

  1. I never quite got Jim’s push for Gov. With Tom Corbett already committed to running and Corbett who has already won 2 statewide races for the GOP – Jim’s candidacy seemed as odd as Ryan Costello’s bid for Jim’s seat. At this point, Jim is almost a lock to win re-election to congress. I hope he sticks with that. He has left himself an option here – which was smart. Seeking the GOP nod for Gov with Corbett in the wings….that was not smart.

  2. Jim was up against a popular AG; but then again when, if ever, has an AG won the governorship? I suppored Jim & now will support his re-election to the 6th; just hope the others will bow out. At this hour, Curt & Steve haven’t made definitive statements.

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