Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls Go Up Today

W.E. Rauth is the first to enter Valley Forge toll both of the PA Turnpike. Any idea what year this was?

For those of you who travel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority, be prepared to to lay out extra cash starting today, Sunday, January 3.  The Turnpike Commission is raising the tolls by 3% (rounding up to the nearest nickel) which follows a 25% increase last year.  The most common cash rate is 95 cents but instead of going up to 98 cents (3%) it will be rounded up to $1.00.  With the passage of Act 44, the yearly increase is to go to PennDOT for non-turnpike and bridge projects. It is anticipated that there will be 3% increase annually to meet the terms of Act 44.

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  1. Hope this pays for my future sound barrier!

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