Happy New Year Tredyffrin!

New Year’s Resolutions . . . ? How About 2010 Township Forecasts . . . ?

Did you know…

… that today is New Year’s Eve in many countries? In 1904, the New Year’s ball dropped for the first time in Times Square, New York City. In Japan, everyone laughs at the stroke of midnight to ensure good luck in the New Year. In the Philippines, children jump ten times when the clock strikes twelve, hoping to grow taller in the new year. In Mexico, some people take out their suitcases and walk around the block, hoping it would help them travel during the next year. Have a great New Year! 

Today marks the end of a year and the beginning of another one . . . there’s just something refreshing about “starting over.” Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? What’s on your short list? . . . lose weight . . . save money . . . get a job . . . spend more time with family and friends . . . be kinder . . . do one good deed every day . . . exercise more . . . How will you improve your life in 2010?

How about 1020 township forecasts . . . no, I do not have a crystal ball as a reader of Community Matters pointed out; but I do believe that our past can be an indicator of our future.  So where do you think this township is headed in the new year?  financially?  Board of Supervisor performance? State Representative Race? Fire Department funding?   I’ll be glad to post your forecasts and resolutions for 2010.

In this week’s edition of the Main Line Suburban Life, Ray Hoffman lists his forecasts for 2010 in his Main Line Banter.  Interesting list – I support his #1 and #2 forecast.  As for #3, that one surprised me . . . didn’t know that JD was considering a 157 run.  I would think that decision would need to be made rather quickly.  Selfishly, I hope that there isn’t any truth in this suggestion because I think Tredyffrin needs JD’s full attention on the Board of Supervisors.  My money is riding on JD to set the ship back on its course as we enter 2010!

The fearless forecasts for 2010 are:

1. Taxes will be raised by either increased millage or earned income in the Tredyffrin Township 2011 budget.

2. Volunteer firefighters and the community will again need to fight to get adequate funding from respective municipalities.

3. John DiBuonaventuro, Tredyffrin Township supervisor, will run for the state House of Representatives (District 157) as will Warren Kampf (another TT supervisor.)

4. The Conestoga High School football team will win the Central League Championship.

5. A couple of popular longtime restaurants will close in Easttown, Radnor and Tredyffrin townships.

6. Gene Williams will retire as manager of Easttown Township.

7. More stores will shutter in the retail village of Berwyn.

Supervisor Lamina’s Explanation of the Fire Company Contribution

Supervisor Bob Lamina has a Letter to the Editor in this week’s Main Line Suburban Life.  The letter is signed by him and Supervisor Paul Olson, but without the signature of Supervisor Kampf. It certainly was clear to me from the December 21 Supervisor Meeting that Supervisor Kampf was the third member of the supervisor’s Fire Company Holiday Drive so it is curious to me why his name was not included on the Letter to the Editor.  If this truly was an orchestrated honest attempt to collect the needed funds for the fire departments (rather than something else) I would simply ask why not involve the fire companies in the process?  The fire departments were not informed of this Holiday Drive by Supervisors Lamina, Olson and Kampf nor are they aware of any process in place for the actual collection and only found out about the ‘contribution check’ at the Board of Supervisors Meeting. 

My understanding is that that there is confusion surrounding how the money will be collected . . . actually heard that it is being suggested that the fire companies themselves are to track down the funds. Please tell me that isn’t true!  I want to believe that information cannot be accurate . . . surely the principals who organized the drive (Supervisors Kampf, Lamina and Olson) have a system in place for the appropriate collection of the funds. (which does not include the volunteer firefighters doing the collection)

Just for the record, I reached out to Supervisors Lamina, Olson and Kampf for further explanation of the Holiday Drive process and to date, my emails have gone unanswered.  I would propose that there is a responsibility of our elected officials to respond to resident’s inquiries.

I will leave it to the readers for further comment, here’s Supervisor Lamina’s letter.

Board did firefighters’ funding right

To the Editor:

As participants in the Tredyffrin budget discussions of the last several weeks, we read with interest your article entitled “Funds for Fire Companies Are Restored.” While it is true the fire companies will receive the additional funding they desired in 2010, we believe a better title would have been “Tredyffrin Community Steps Forward.”

Township tax funds were not utilized to restore the funding because funding for every township-related service was reduced and no one from any of those departments – including the fire companies – ever stated they could not provide for the public’s safety without more. With the public safety intact, and in light of the challenging economy, the budget developed by the township manager with Board of Supervisors and significant community input is balanced and contains no real-estate property-tax increase in 2010. In our view therefore, one of the top stories this year is indeed the generosity of our community and a local government that in very challenging economic times made the difficult but correct decision to tighten our belts rather than first reaching out to our taxpayers to foot the bill.

With all that said, Tredyffrin’s community members – including members of the Board of Supervisors – worked hard to ensure that the fire companies received the $21,000 they desired. Among them, we note that John “C.T.” Alexander, chairman of the Republican Committee in Tredyffrin, informed the public during the township meeting last Monday that he and his committee members came forward with a $5,000 matching-fund pledge to help raise money for the fire companies. We also understand these are to be funds from individual members and not from any political-action committee. We very much appreciate this far-reaching level of charitable giving and are also hopeful that in the spirit of bipartisanship, the members of the Tredyffrin Democratic Committee may likewise choose to contribute.

Finally words cannot begin to express our gratitude to all those who stepped forward with generosity in difficult times, and to all of the individuals, businesses and organizations who gave so charitably in this effort. In any case we know the fire companies are pleased by these efforts because their presidents, Messrs. Tilden, Beatty and Roderick, each publicly expressed their gratitude for the funds raised. It proves that by working together as a community we can continue to keep Tredyffrin the great place it is.


Robert W. Lamina, Paul Olson