With Police Escort, Paoli Fire Company Delivers Santa!

With lights and sirens blaring, Tredyffrin Township police cruiser escorted a Paoli Fire Company firetruck down Lancaster Avenue, turning in to the Paoli Shopping Center.  Singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town and other Christmas carols with the Noteables, the children watched in fascination as Santa climbed down from the big red fire engine.  The kids were so excited they could hardley contain themselves.  With hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies in hand, the crowd followed Santa in to the Paoli Hardware Center.  Seated on a big red sleigh with 2 elves to help, Santa listened as each child gave Santa their Christmas list. 

Paoli Business & Professional Association president Marie Thibault had the vision for the day . . . and the community thanks her.  Below are some photos from Santa’s arrival:

Onboard Paoli Fire Company fire truck, Tredyffrin Twp Police provides escort for Santa

Santa Arriving at Paoli Hardware Center

Christmas Carols provided by the Noteables

Santa listening to child's Christmas List

Remembering a Day in the Past . . . Berwyn-Paoli-Radnor Fire Company Photo

Three years ago, was a very busy time for me.  It was Tredyffrin 300 preparation; Judy DiFilippo and I co-chaired that very memorable celebration that honored our history’s past.  In addition to the special planned events, there was a historic documentary, (Tredyffrin Township. . . the First 300 Years; Judy and I are talking about the possibility of a future township-wide showing, maybe this summer in Wilson Farm Park) and we also created a calendar to mark Tredyffrin’s milestone, which featured historic places and special people that make our community the wonderful place that it is!  Those calendar photos were later framed and hang in the front lobby of the township building.  For many of you who visit the township building, you probably walk right by those photos and may not even notice.  However, when I look at those photos I remember the day they were taken and all that went in to making each photo unique and special. 

There has been much discussion in the last few weeks about the Fire Companies, the budget cuts and the appeal to restore the proposed budget reductions.  I was taken back to a summer day 3+ years ago, when I arranged to have Berwyn, Paoli and Radnor volunteer fire fighters all gather at the Strafford Train Station.  The Radnor Fire Company graciously agreed to bring their fantastic historic fire truck for the occasion. This day for the volunteer fire companies, like so many of the other groups who gathered for their calendar photos, was a time for community goodwill and fellowship.  Today, I spent some time locating that wonderful photo in my files and thought it was timely and appropriate to include  — many of you purchased the calendar, but there could be some new Fire Company volunteers and community members who do not remember the photo or that never saw it.  See if you recognize any familiar faces. 

Attached is a jpg of the Berwyn-Paoli-Radnor Fire Company photo, feel free to share it.  (Rena Ferris was the Tredyffrin 300 calendar photographer).

Berwyn-Paoli-Radnor Fire Company volunteers at historic Strafford Train Station